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About Our Company

Al-Bida Travels is one of the best companies in Qatar which can provide all travel services with flexible and effective solutions. We provide services of the highest quality in order to satisfy our customers by providing the resources, time and costs. We strive hard to provide our customers with the best travel services in this field, thus we combine energy with enthusiasm and experience. We feel great comfort in serving the large number of customers who are lacking pleasure and joy in their travels. You will discover that Al-Bida Travels is completely different from other travel agencies. The diversification in our domestic and international travelling is meant to address the different world concerns

Your world, your way

Your world, your way


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Our Vision and Mission

Through our work in the travel sector, our vision is to leave good impressions among the customers, to become the first and preferred option for travelers and also to be the head of the leading travel through achieving excellence in the filed of providing unique services to clients, offering the quality and diversity of products and competitive options to satisfy our customers.

Our mission is to facilitate the travel service by offering appropriate solutions and effective alternatives at professional level to achieve the cultural and knowledge exchange.

In this framework Al-Bida Travels strive to provide all our capabilities and expertise not only to realize the dreams of our customers, but also to make travelling with us an unforgettable experience through provision of plans that meet all customer needs and through obtainment of the best services that surpasses the previous ones to satisfy carefully fit the needs and satisfy all our customers

Your world, your way

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Our responsibility

Our responsibility is to meet our customer requirements in terms of cost and quality, and to demonstrate our superiority, professionalism and excellence in customer service

Cost effective prices:

You will discover that Al-Bida Travels is the best travel agency to meet all your travel requirements for the best price.

Comprehensive support for companies’ requests

Al-Bida Travels cooperate with customers from large companies around the world, to enable us to make the travel arrangements easier and more cost-effective for the foreign travels required by your company.

Cost savings

Reduce the waste of your work time through quick access to emergency situations, when a passenger faces difficulties which also attain better control of travel tasks through receipt of reports with each moment about every aspect of travels of your company which improve the services and other products provided to your travelers through our global network of travel suppliers.

Reasons for choosing Al-Bida Travels as your partner in travel decisions:

There are several convincing reasons that make Al-Bida Travels your first choice in travelling. Access to international travel systems
Al-Bida Travels is a sales agent in Qatar for all global airline reservation systems and global hotels reservation systems. This gives us the ability to get tickets from hundreds of airlines including low cost dozens of companies as well as integrated options for hotels.

A large local network of agencies:

Al-Bida Travels is a large company in itself; however it is expanded to cover the whole world through through its interaction with hundreds of other travel agencies. This helps us in reaching to a large set of travel products, programs and destinations that enhance customer satisfaction.

A large global network of suppliers:

Whatever the customer’s travel requirements, Al-Bida Travels can find a comprehensive itinerary for any journey through sources and its global networks of service providers. We always strive to find new suppliers of travel services which have programs and products that attract customers and provide extensive grounds for sales.

Interpreters provision

Al-Bida Travels did not overlook provision of translation services in all live languages, so that tourism plays a positive role in cultural development with the promotion of intercultural dialogue and coop- eration among civilizations. We also provide specialized translators if required in medical tourism to accompany tourists for treatment abroad.

Customer service is our quality excellence

• Quality excellence is built on adopting the services provided and the reputation achieved. Therefore, we strive to reach our decisions by consultation with the best travel consultants and specialized support staff.

  • We have multilingual trained and experienced staff well trained in the use of technology to serve our customers. Our technology too is superior to what is available in majority of other tourism compa- nies. Our company is interested in getting wide network of relationships with suppliers in all parts of the world.
  • Our staffs are professional, efficient, which ensures that we provide the services on time and cover all required details of the flights.
  • Customized solutions for each client’s travel requirements.
  • Offering multiple options and flexibility at each stage of travel for our customers.
  • Listening to customer feedbacks via emails or face-to-face interviews and hence inthis way we nurture the continuous improvement process.
  • We offer our attractive programmes where we are able to draw on many sources tomeet the needs of the customers.