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Al-Bida Travels provide services of the highest quality in order to satisfy our customers by providing the resources, time and costs. We strive hard to provide our customers with the best travel services in this field, thus we combine energy with enthusiasm and experience

Organizing tours to exhibitions and conferences

Al-Bida Travels organize tours to the entire world for individuals and corporate companies. It also organize and execute business trips to major international exhibitions.

Religious tourism

Al-Bida Travels operates journeys for individuals and companies at all levels through offers of Umrah at unbeatable prices with high level service through its specialized supervisors who are dedicated for the comfort of the pilgrims.

Honeymoon programs

Al-Bida Travels offers programs for honeymooners that make their nicest memories remain alive in the conscious of the newlyweds throughout their lifetim

Entry visas for many countries

Al-Bida Travels offers issuing entry visas for travel to all parts of the world for tourism, medical treatment, attending conferences, Hajj and Umrah, official missions and for the education in record time without any inconvenience to the customers.

Public and private car rents

We offer a variety of options from economy cars to more luxurious cars that make your car rental experience easier. They include many choices and the highest levels of comfort, service and trust which is availed to you.

Train tickets

You can save your time and cost by booking the train tickets if you travel a lot between countries of the world via a network of trains

Reception and farewell at the airport

Al-Bida Travels offers for those accustomed to luxury air travel in addition to the VIP lounge service with reception and departure services by avoiding the traditional procedures. The company also provides the latest air conditioned buses of all sizes for any group companies.

Booking airline tickets to any destination

We provide the required seats for all classes and aboard all airlines to and from anywhere in the world for the best competitive prices.

Reservations of hotels, apartments and others

When you travel through Al-Bida Travels all world hotels are at your fingertips, as well as apartments, chalets and villas at the most prestigious resorts around the world with unbeatable prices with flexible dates and booking confirmation at the last moment.